The missus will allow me to spend some loot on new guitar gear in the sales after Christmas.

Now, I was looking at a Variax JTV-59 for the tonal flexibity (I don't gig) I could get. It will probably be the last guitar I but for the next decade or so!

But for the same money I could also buy an Epiphone Dot, and Epiphone Les Paul, a Squier Strat and a Squier Tele.

Which would be the better way of blowing £1100?
Play them all and see what you like more.
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What guitars do you have already?

I have a friend on another other site who bought the new modelling variax and he was bigtime disappointed with it. I suppose it all boils down to what sound/tones you wanna achieve. A quick look at your list says you want as much versatility as possible. I really dont think aquiring four pretty good but not exactly great axes is the way to go either, also think of your string bill every month for another four guitars certainly wouldnt be me lol.

I suggest you take a long hard think about what styles it is you play, the desired sound you wanna achieve and go get yourself somthing really special. If as you say its gonna be the last guitar you buy for a number of yrs dont settle for anything other than what you really want. There are a lot of nice guitars to be had with a budget of £1100

Best of luck to you
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Gibson Les Paul Studio. I personally like that guitar.
Fenders are in the other category, they're also nice, but I don't like the feel of the neck or the fretboard.
Gear pics

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I currently have an Epiphone Masterbuilt Acoustic and a 1989 G&L SC-3.

Because I'm a bedroom guitarist, I really don't have my own sound. It changes depending on the song I'm learning or playing along to, so the flexibility is important to me.

I also don't like second hand gear I'm afraid, so anything I buy will have to be new. I just have a phobia about other peoples stuff.
Work out what tones and/or tunings you actually use. If you do actually use many tones and more than two tunings then the Variax might be a good way to go. But when you consider most guitars can deliver at least two, if not three, tones, and obviously guitars can be retuned easily enough, you might find you're better off buying just two really nice guitars. If you looked second hand you could probably grab two MIA Fenders or lower-end Gibsons for the price that four Epis/Squiers would cost or the one Variax.
To be honest, I tend to play around rather than get all serious about it. I might start off the evening trying to work out a bit of SRV or Clapton, Bonamassa etc, before jamming over a british blues rock backing track, trying some new suff out of a magazine, or off Justin Sandercoe's site, and so on. I might try to record some Shadows or Slash or whoever I' m into. I don't use alternate tunings because I'm too lazy, but probably would do on the Variax. Thats a typical night for me. It's a source of entertainment for me rather than watching the telly.