Lots of famous luthiers use paint. Some use inlays. I like woodburns. My trademark logo is a skull with a cigar and a hat, he is based offand inspired by of "Popcorn" Sutton. This includes my nickname by it ("che") in a sort of gothic print that I learned how to do.

What I'm saying is that this is a slighty complex logo and tends to go awry when done by hand.

I need something like an Iron, but don't plan on ordering a custom one. I hear about a chemical woodburn you can do using rubber foam and and ammonium chloride which you can get in purified form by combining equal parts of NH3 and HCL. I understand this is an acid/base reaction and that you are going to get water in the final mixture and that the only way to get it in the purified form is by using a still.

My problem becomes that I dont feel I have the workmanship to cut to the desired shape. It seems as though it would be quite challenging to use for the logo since it might be rather hard to work with especially on such intricate levels.

Is there anything anyone can suggest to use that will absorb the Ammonium Chloride that is more workable than rubber foam and possible more durable? I plan to make multiple sizes for this Chemical Iron.

Edit: I am now realizing stone of the chemistry for this is wrong, but.disregard that, I think I need a more workable narwhal then foam rubber still unless someone can attest to is workability.
- Cody

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I think there's an easy solution to this problem. You could approach this in 2 ways, either get a dremel or some other downward cutting tool, and a small block of steel and cut a negative of your logo into it, heat it, and press it onto your headstocks, therefore leaving the logo burned into the wood, or you can cut a positive of your logo into sheet metal and use it as a template for your regular woodburner. Both are a lot safer than playing with hcl. You could kill yourself playing around with it. r.i.p. Popcorn!
I build computers from scratch, and sell them...obviously. I want to a get a custom logo for the computers I build, just like alienware has that stupid alien head, and some other companies have their logos in the front of the Case. I just want my own custom logo to stick in front of the computers I build.
Any website where I can do this? or somewhere that I might be able to call?
Yeah, the dremel idea sounds decent, ill see what I can do for both methods, but I ain't turning any method down. The hcl can be controlled. im sure there are plenty od artists you can contact through companies just from a simple google search buds.
- Cody

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You can go to most print shops and have custom stickers printed. If you want something else, I'm not sure where to source them. you're right that hcl can be controlled, but myself, I'm no chemist. I work in manufacturing, so i've got a solution to just about any mechanical problem like the one you've got on your hands. My main issue with the chemical solution is that you're still cutting a foam rubber "stamp" if you will, and if you build a few guitars, you might have to make one for each guitar. That leads to non-uniformity, and the off chance that the process will get screwed up somehow and you'll come out with a blotchy or malformed logo. By creating a mechanical die, loading it in a fire, and actually burning the wood on 3 guitars with the same die, you virtually eliminate this problem, leaving only one more, which is the physical placement of said logo, which can be solved by making a jig to hold the neck and die in the right position. I have a solution to that too, but I'm strapped for time to model it up in sketchup at the moment. If you want it, I'll draw it up tomorrow