Is it really worth the money to shell out hundreds for a reverb pedal? I have my eye on some in the $150 range as I'm not convinced to shell out in the $200 range. The basic run of things I'm considering for reverb are...

Boss RV-5
Hardwire RV-7
TC Electronic Hall of Fame

Will be using it for some ambient sounds and for adding that extra depth and swirl to my sound here and there. Not really looking for subtle spring reverb and bluesy trail off kind of stuff. I'm more interested in those spooky and ethereal long verb trails. Any suggestions? I'm open to any within a price range $150 and under. Thanks.
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see if you can find a malekko spring chicken or chicklet those things are amazing
I'm very happy with my Hall of Fame. I tried the Boss RV-5 but I feel that my Hall of Fame beats it.

You said you like long, spooky trailoffs? The Hall of Fame does that very well; either the Church/Cathedral setting, Mod setting, or many of the available Toneprints. You can get up to 20 seconds of shimmering trailoff on some of those if you set the decay all the way up - which is beyond any natural reverb you might find. Perfect for volume swells and "shoegaze" (man, I hate that term.) Some of the toneprints I've downloaded actually add some chorus/flanger/modulation to the reverb which gets your tone way "out there."
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