hello!everybody!this is my first time that i get in this forum!
i come from china!and my english is not perfect so it is hard for me to chat with everybody,but i will try my best to do it!
i have a band. i play the lead guitar.
im crazy about SLASH and RANDY!
There's room here for everybody. Anybody who likes Randy is OK in my book!
Arguing on the Internet is a lot like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you're still retarded
Greetings friend, and welcome to #1 A-OK guitar site!
As is customary, I have prepared a ballad to honor our new member
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damnit who moved this thread
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Quote by Jesus_Dean
There's room here for everybody. Anybody who likes Randy is OK in my book!

i just use yahoo messenger and ICQ to chat with foreign friends.which software do U use??
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