it is pretty good.It just seems a little flat like it is missing some low end.Is there a bass guitar in the mix?
pretty tits
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Thanks for the replies guys.

Yes there is a bass guitar, it's a vst though and sounds rather fake so I tried to cover it up while keeping the low-end the track needs, i know you can't really hear it but you'd tell if it weren't there. Once i get access to a real bass guitar i'll fix that right away.

And is 'pretty tits' a bad thing...? I'm really not sure, there is some weird slang around nowadays
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Pretty good production, though to me it seems to be bouncing/ducking a bit too much from the compression (unless that is what you are going for). Maybe needs a faster attack? Also, the cymbals seem to be missing definition/clarity; it has too much treble/air.

Keep it up! And AFAIK, "pretty tits" is a compliment :P
Mix/Production is super approriate for the style - The guitar and drums are both pretty much spot on. There do seem to be a few clicks/pops mainly just on the left side - sounds a bit like a soundcard glitch? Could probably be pretty easily removed with some quick fades. Despite that, the guitar tone is excellent, I'd be interested to see your signal chain? Drums have a good tone, but do sound rather triggered, but that's pretty common for this style. I'd say the bass isn't actually too bad where it is in the mix - although if it's doing something different to the guitars you'll want to bring it to the foreground of course.

The main thing I'd say regarding the production is that the cymbals feel a bit too compressed to me, there's some pretty noticeable breathing between snare hits. Im guessing this is caused by a comp either on a drum sub mix or on your 2 bus. You might be able to fix it by looking at the timing values on the comp rather than having to give up dBs of precious extra level. However I couldn't produce a mix of this quality in general, personally so good work over all!

In terms of composition, I really like it. I love it when this kind of music is all over the place, and there's some serious creativity in these riffs.

Nice work dude!

If you have the time I'd much appreciate a crit on mine !
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I feel like the track is over all missing something in the upper register, it just sounds a little muffled to me?
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Hey man.

The first thing that really stands out is over-compression on the drum buss and or kick/snare. The kick itself sounds pretty great, but it's pumping the cymbals pretty hard and the snare is just way too squashed in my opinion. If a buss comp on your drums is the culprit, I'd try dialing it back so you only have a couple db of gain reduction. I like using a buss comp on my drum buss in a very subtle way, just enough to help everything glue together without being very noticeable.

The guitars sound nice. A bit scooped, but nice. Personally if I was mixing with that guitar tone, I'd use bass grit/clank to fill out the mids a bit more (give it a try once you've got a real bass track.

All in all, once you fix the compression issues, I think you'll have a pretty slamming mix.
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@ Daemos Yeah clicks seem to come and go on my tracks, this was just a test run and i cba to keep re-exporting until there were no clicks; it's not usually a problem. I'll pm you my Podfarm signal chain

@ Odirunn The only compression on the drum bus other than the one in addictive drums itself is cubase's 'maximizer'. I added it cause the drums just sounded weak without it. I'll have a play around, but do you think it could be the compression on the master track as well?
That was pretty sweet. I liked the riffs a lot; they reminded me of Periphery with more TesseracT-style production. I think the guitars were a little too muted or compressed, which seemed to detract from their character. The bass was also too low, though I definitely understand the difficulties of using a simulated bass and getting a good sound.

Even with those complaints, though, it was still a set of killer ideas and I'd like to see where you take this.

If it's not too much trouble, could so send me your signal chain as well? I'm working with podfarm for my guitars and I'd be interested to see what you did to get this tone.

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Ok, thanks a lot man. I'm definitely gonna mess around with the compression in my track, that seems to be the main problem and i haven't quite got my head around it yet. Here's my signal chain in podfarm, i'll just post it instead (i'm using stuff from the metal shop pack btw):

FX-2 Noise Gate (thresh -20db)
FX-1 Tube Drive (about 6 tube drive, full gain, high treble, low bass)
Line 6 Insane head (about 7-8 drive, 8-9 bass, 8-9 mid, 7-8 treble, 5 presence)
4x12 Treadplate cab (room at 0%, with an off-axis 57)
FX-3 4-band EQ (low cut, small narrow boost at 500hz, big treble boost)

And then on the actual track in cubase i use a little more eq, compression and reverb.

Geldin i'll check out your track now!