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Self explanatory really

Comment on what the user above posted, then post what you're currently listening to! Maybe post a youtube link if it's not something that's well known.

Could be a cool way to discover new music.

Deftones - Back To School
TOOL - Rosetta Stoned.
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I'm saving what I'm currently listening to until my mixtape week.

Rest assured, it's really good. Also a lot of local stuff.
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The Flaming Lips - Race For The Prize
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Never heard of them. What kind of music is that?

Listening to Cymbals Eat Guitars' first album now.

I got messed up and thought this was the Metal Forum's "What Are You Listening To?",

It's Melodic Death Metal.
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Listening to Cymbals Eat Guitars' first album now.

Keep meaning to check them out because I like the name. What sort of stuff do they play? (I'm assuming not melodic death metal )

Tool - The Grudge
At the Drive-In - Invalid Litter Dept.

Goodness how I love the Relationship of Command album....
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Clara C was a bit too happy poppy for my taste.

Toadies - Tyler (live acoustic) a nice rendition of a classic alternative diddy.
Toadies Rule!
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I never checked them out really until i saw them live. Much better live than on record I think, but still enjoyable fo' sho

EDIT: in reference to RC
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I was about to have a listen actually, although I usually don't approve when people advertise their bands in the wrong place
Not really into that sort of stuff, I have a friend who really likes them though

The Mars Volta - Roulette Dares
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While we're on the subject of advertising, I'm currently listening to this:

My friends awesome band. Their main influence is Karnivool, so I figure a few of you might enjoy them

I like the drumming in that a lot. Rest of it doesn't sound all too compelling to me though (most proggy rock leaves me cold for some reason). They at least decent and sure, they're an amateur band so it's unfair to expect some hideously great band, but I don't listen to stuff out of that sort of pity.

Listening to the last track of Patrick Watson's Wooden Arms album, which is magical.
Fair enough, I guess proggy rock is my thang really so that's probably why I have a soft spot for them

Still listening to The Mars Volta
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