The New Year's Resolutions for 2012 Thread (it might not matter this time lol?)

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Yes, I'm gonna make some resolutions and try my best to stick with 'em
46 47%
Yes, I'm gonna make some resolutions, but I might not follow through (heh, at least I tried)
14 14%
Nope, not bothering to make resolutions this year
26 27%
12 12%
Voters: 98.
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Bring 'em out, Pit. What are your goals/aspirations/resolutions for 2012? A fresh start in a few days, perhaps toward our doom.

My goals for 2012:

1) Limit cigarettes to one a month, at the end of every month.
2) Limit coffee to twice a week at most.
3) Read for at least 1 hour every day. Read for 2 hours if possible.
4) At least 50 pushups and 100 crunches every day.

That's all for me. Four simple guidelines to make me healthier and wealthier than ever. I've never made new year's resolutions thus far, but I figured I might as well start this year to use some arbitrary day in the Gregorian calendar to get me motivated to fix a couple of things I need to fix anyway.

Wishing you all the best of luck in your resolutions,


p.s. sticky this?
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Learn to sing.
Stop being so fucking single.
Get paid gigs with my band.
Get in shape.
Practice ear training more.
1. Finish losing the fat when the weather gets warmer (was too cold to run outside).
2. Maybe smoke less.
3. Gain more self-confidence.
1. Expand my repertoire of recipes.
2. Meet new people.
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1. Keep smoking 60+ a day.
2. Keep doing no exercise whatsoever.
3. Get more facial hair.
4. Keep being sad.
5. Keep having no friends.
6. Keep stain on front teeth from smoking.
7. Learn to use slide I just bought.
8. Read War and Peace again.
9. Play in open G more.
10. Maybe get a job.
11. Buy more CD's.
Work out more often.
Keep my grades up.
Get better at guitar.

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1. Don't get totally ****ed up New Years Eve and have the worst hangover of my life for 2 days in a row like last year (and no real resolutions)
2. Ace this spring semester, pass the 70% failure rate class, generally stay a week ahead in courses so I can spend more time partying/social life
3. Get that tan, start cutting phase and work abs harder Jan.
4. Read more, no television
5. Get a girlfriend, or at least laid this semester to kill horribly long dry spell. Too much prime pussy to be not spitting game more.
6. Get a job, Save $50 a month and invest in best annuity I can find
7. Keep shopping around thrift stores and update dat fashion. I wish I knew about thrift stores sooner. Gaddamn...
8. Keep up with current events/politics/news websites more.
Continue with my exercising and healthier food diet.
Read more books
Discover something new and exciting
Practice my guitar playing regularly
Meet new people
Not feeling bad when I don't do any of those things.
Stop watching so much TV/spending too much time dicking around online
Read at least a book a week
Get published in a major publication

That's a nice trifecta.
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Turn my temporary contract at work into a permanent one.

Sort out a proper training schedule and diet to get in shape for my jitsu dark blue grading.

Pass my dark blue grading in March.

If the first one is achieved, look to move out of parent's house and get own place.
Get a Job (I need $$$)
Finish Learning "It's Not Safe to Swim Today"
Get my grades back up
Get back in shape
Start new school with confidence
1. Find a new job
2. Develop some vices
3. Get fat for a while
4. Get back in shape
5. Make progress on my novel
6. Start playing music again
7. Join the Army

And we'll see how it goes from there, because the last one will basically eat up the rest of that year and years to come.
1. a maximum of two drinks a day (a day being a period of awakeness. no drinking two before midnight and two after)*
2. not say an uncharitable thing about anyone at all.
3. follow my workout routine.
4. practice piano an hour a day.
5. take classical bass seriously.

* exception - st patrick's day
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7. Join the Army

And we'll see how it goes from there, because the last one will basically eat up the rest of that year and years to come.

Wow, big commitment. Are you ready for it?
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Find some other way to make money
Get straight As
Reinstate Operation Primary Main Objective
Survive the end of the world
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Wow, big commitment. Are you ready for it?

I don't understand why people make New Year's resolutions. For one, they just abandon them within the first half of the year, and second why wait until the new year? If it's really important then start now.
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Lose weight. I've put on 2 stone in the last year.
Get a job.
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everything that you've come to expect

Don't have any real resolutions, just gonna try to be better than last year in general.

I mean, I had a pretty cool year overall but I'm going to try and be less of an unsociable weirdo so that I don't end up spending every night at home on the internet. Not sure if i'll manage that but i'll give it a shot.
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I don't understand why people make New Year's resolutions. For one, they just abandon them within the first half of the year, and second why wait until the new year? If it's really important then start now.

The problem most people have is they set unrealistic goals, that's why my resolutions are simple.

It's good to start at the beginning of a new year because it allows you to give in to temptation over the holiday period. It's also good to have a clear start and end to your goals for tracking your progress.
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Off the top of my head with little thought:

1. Read at least 5 books of my own accord
2. Write
3. Ride Bike/pushups/workout shit
4. Help make the world a better place to live
5. Appreciate and enjoy life
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I have never made resolutions before, but i'm seriously going to try to get my confused mess of a life in order next year. Wish me luck.
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For me:
1. Get built like an ancient Greek god
2. Be more awesome
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
I'll probably have the same one as last year, which is to lose weight and get more fit. Last year my goal was to lose 50 lbs, and I'm down 40. So close enough

I've also decided to learn piano in the new year, teach myself to sing properly, and to have a ~30 minute EP written, recorded and mixed by year's end. I think I can do all that.
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1. Repeat 2011, cuz 2011 was awesome
This too. Well, at least put January - June on repeat forever. July onward kind of sucked.
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1) Don't make the same mistakes with women that I made this year
2) Be generally nicer and more charitable to people
3) Spend some time actually playing my guitar rather than being on this forum
4) Actually save for the guitar I want this year instead of blowing it all on a computer that I didn't really need.
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My one and only resolution will be to gtfo of this boring miserable city. I might end up with all the same vices and problems I currently have, but at least I'll be somewhere new.
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This year I'll try not to drink too much. This year I'll try to stand up for myself. This year I'll live like I never lived before, this is my year for sure.
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1. Decided on something to do with my life.
2. Actually lose the weight I've been wanting to lose for too long.
3. Be less of a anti-social dick.
4. Improve self-confidence and general social skills (hoping this may be helped by weight loss, as that currently holds me back a bit)
5. Sort out my school work so that the last 2 years weren't a waste of time.
6. Progress musically, mainly by joining a band or actually recording the songs that I write.

That's about it. It's going to be a big year, but I'd say I'm pretty ****ing motivated for it.
Have a better year than 2011.
If not, don't even bother with 2013.

That's it
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