Hey folks, I've never built a set neck and am mocking one up for the spring. Does the blank have to be thicker than a normal neck blank? Most are, but do they have to be?

Most "normal" neck blanks are about an inch thick or so, and I'm not seeing a whole lot of variation in that other than in partially pre-fabed blanks which I'm completely un-interested in...I've seen people glue extra wood on the end of the neck where the tenon is, so I'm curious as to whether or not you can use a normal 1" board for a set neck? Essentially it would be like building a bolt on neck, but with a long tenon...unless that extra depth is really necessary?
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im trying it out soon on a jr. style. i think it will be structurally fine, but may be more of a visual thing ya know?

Right, but in my case I'm hoping to compensate by letting the body wood "come out" further so I can carve the whole shebang a bit more like a smooth neck through, such that the visible joint of the blank/body would be a little ways out, and rounded, if you know what I mean. That way you get the same look (other than the fact that there's a visible joint), and the tenon would extend under the neck pickup like a normal set neck....possible?

The only reason I'm thinking about doing this as apposed to buying a blank that's ~2" is because I want to make it with highly figured curly maple, and 1" blanks are muuuuuch cheaper to come by than a 2" slab of master grade fiddle-back
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dude, just buy a neck from warmoth.

Sorry, I'd never use a pre-fab kit/part...I cut my teeth on that stuff years ago. Besides, if you bothered to look, they all have the same dimensions as a bolt on, i.e. about an inch thick heel, and none of their maple is going to look as good as what I could get elsewhere for cheaper.
One look at your PRS build would show you dont need to go around buying pre fab necks

The set neck on a Suhr looks to be around 1" so it should be fine...


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~25mm seems to be fine. The tenon on a Gibson is around that thickness, but just appears thicker because of the heel. Also, if you take a look at ExplorerBuilder's stuff, he uses a heel block to pad things out if he needs to.
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I'll try to get around to some neck making this week.. its just so cold outside..

i got the scarfs glued for 3 necks... just have to get some fretboard action going..

i'll elt you know how thye hold up and grab some pics of it all for ya

Much appreciated!

Jillard/Mint/Absent - Dang it's good to see some of the old time regulars around here! I always love coming back to this forum Can't wait to get back into building this spring.
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dude, just buy a neck from warmoth.

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