I'm about to buy a set of Lace Sensor Hot Golds for my MIM Fender Classic 60's series strat, question is should I also change the pots as well? I've read on the internet it might be a good idea to change them from 250k to 500k pots, is there some truth to it?
500ks aren't too bad on strats if you've got a master tone control or a way of controlling the treble for each pickup. They can sound jangly and do that nice Buddy Holly thing quite well.

However, I don't really see any particular reason to change them to 500ks just because you're using hot golds. They're not particularly dark pickups, so unless you wanted to brighten the sound up it would probably be better to stick with 250k. If you're trying to stay on a budget I'd say it's a waste of money to get 500k pots without trying them with 250k first. If you decide later you'd like the guitar to have a bit more chime and treble, then you can change the pots.
Thanks for the reply, another question is there any point of changing the old pots to newer pots or is that just a waste of money?
When and if I change pickups, even with from passives to passives, I'd change pots. Especially if they have had some problems (more than little bit of dust and then cleaned them with contact cleaner). They don't cost that much and I don't hate anything else more than a pot or a switch that does not work.
500k pots are not bad for strats really, I prefer them with humbuckers a lot more than 250k pots. However, if you don't want, like Roc8995 stated, an option to really brighten the sound, you could stick with 250k pots. Pots don't cost much, so what I would suggest is, try them out. Try both configurations and see which you like better.
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