"You Know My Name"
Written by MantheDan

You know my name,
but can you say it right?
You play the game
but are you playing it right?
or left, the choice is yours
the path is mine to take.

Say it right
but dont you spray it.
Tonight's the night
but not the night to say stuff like that.
Your mouth, gotta watch its self!

Driving down
the path you chose to take.
You chose left
left was wrong not right.
Why do I always leave
the decision up to you my little friend

I'll never understand my reasoning.
But if you ever care to explain,
you know my name.

So this randomly came into my head. It goes to the Piano tune from Big. It's a kind of Frank Sinatra tone of singing. Enjoy and please C4C!
Actually this also popped into my head when I saw the thread haha. Im thinking Chris Cornell influence? Good song though mate.
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