For the past few years I've been just using a Boss GT-3 but I've recently decided to try the individual pedal route. My problem is I'm yet to buy a volume pedal and auto wah so I was planning on using my Boss GT-3 for those purposes which presents the problem of where would I put it in my chain?

Here are my two options which I can see...

Tuner - Boss GT3 (where the wah would be) - Compressor - Fuzz - Distortion - Overdrive - Flanger - Phaser - Chorus - Delay


Tuner - Compressor - Fuzz - Distortion - Overdrive - Flanger - Phaser - Chorus - Boss GT3 (where the volume would be) - Delay

which is best or any other ideas?

I'd use number 2 for both. You want the Wah to control the signal coming out of each pedal that modulates the sound, at least it should be after the distortions and overdrives. I'm a bassist myself, but I can barely recognize there is a wah if I have it before the distortion, but it's really nice and strong after the dist.
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if you're just using the gt3 for volume then put it at the end cause if you put it before the dist/od you will be dropping the signal going in to them and the delay gets to finish its job on the proper signal when you drop volume if you put it in earlier your tone will prolly sound thin when dropping db's

e: ah wah too i see the problem, dont use wah for now?
would still say the 2nd way is preferable
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I put my compressor before my tuner. This doesn't affect the ability to tune whatsoever. I do this to minimise any hiss generated in the tuner that could then be accentuated by the compressor. Probably makes nearly no difference but that's what I do. Also because my tuner is a KORG pitch black which is true bypass, and I've heard as a rule of thumb the first pedal in a chain should buffer your signal, which my compressor does even when off. (Carl Martin Compressor)
Cheers I'll go with option two then. I'll have a play with putting the compressor first too as I'm still gonna use just the gt3 for my next few gigs while I get used to the pedals.