tl;dr best super cheap usb audio interface?

i moved to college recently and i cant play guitar through an amp because it's too loud.

i tried using my old zoom g2.1 with headphones but its really crappy (i use proper tube amp every weekend when playing with my band).
i found about guitar rig, amplitude and similar software and tried it out. sound is much much better...even the latency is not bad with internal sound card of my laptop(~10ms)...but noise is absolutely terrible. anything with gain completely destroys signal, using that much noise gate/reduction completely destroys sustain(i have an epiphone les paul...so sustain is quite nice on my amp)

so i figure i need an external sound interface, usb because my laptop has no firewire
I need something very cheap(possibly below 30 bucks) and with minimal cables.

after a bit of searching i found these two:
behringer ucg102

i found some people on this forum posted about the behringer and they say it works quite nice... but the t.bone seems great because it requires no extra cabling(big plus) and it's much cheaper.... only thing that bothers me is 84db SNR.... that seems kinda low, but i don't even have data for behringer so i can't compare.

any thoughts?

(don't say get an amp...not an option)
behringer is okay, i have it, and it works well when it wants to. can be a pain at times, and quality can be an issue
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