No light penetrates the deepest chasm of my soul
In this world of excess i approach with an empty bowl
Starving in a well-fed world.

Into the blind world we descend
Where Ignorance never ends
All rules made to bend
Our enemies lie within our friends

From the pestilence born, from the heart remain torn
Drop all the veils to reveal a lifetime of scorn
You can stand for your rights but you'll fall to the wrong
Fall to earth at the Manticore's song

Punish your gods
Blind are the devils
Even the odds
Worship a rebel.
whoa man! that is heavy stuff... but it is so beautiful. if you have chords, id love to learn this
Sounds like a metal song, but with a more epic feeling a la Dream Theater songs.
Ill take that as a compliment

To Gabbilaurene: no chords yet but i sat down and started tryin to come up with some chords as soon as i read your cmt. No luck yet.