It came!
I was getting ready to order a custom Carvin myself and was just waiting 2 weeks to build up the funds a bit more when this popped up! It's basically exactly the same as I was getting. The only differences are I was going to get a bridseye maple board with abalone inlays and black hardware. Other than that it's basically the exact same! I was so happy when I saw the thread on here, especially since it came with the BKP Miracleman in the bridge! It worked out really well for me and this guitar is like new.

Walnut Body
5 pc Maple/walnut Neck.
Walnut Headstock overlay
Ebony Fretboard
Clear Gloss on Body and neck
Dot Inlays
Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets
Sperzel Tuners
Chrome Hardware

I absolutely love it so far. Definitely a top of the line instrument for sure. Really really impressed with it. I have an aftermath and a coldsweat to try out in it as well, stoked to see how they all sound in the walnut rather than basswood.

Due to my lack of a decent camera (should be borrowing a nice one tomorrow), I "instagramed" this picture.

Clips coming soooooooooooon!
She's a pretty one :-)

Let us know how it plays/sounds after you get enough time with it!

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Nice catch! HNGD! Enjoy the hell out of it!
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I've never been a 7 string fan but that is still gorgeous. HNGD.
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No abalone

Should have ordered one with abalone.
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Oh my that is a sexy beast.
+1 to how much did you pay?

Sweet axe, Happy new guitar day!

Btw imma be raping kijiji again soon for ALL the deals, so get em while you can levi!
It's good to see another Carvin man.
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Quote by Levi79
I paid about $850 after shipping and stuff. I saved around $500 probably.

Thanks for the kind words guys. The neck shape is taking me some getting used to since all my guitars are U shaped, but other than that, this guitar is absolutely killer.

You see, in USA Carvin is good value for money. Over here, that would be a 2000€ Carvin. I'd rather buy a custom Mayones for that money

Congrats on the very sexy Carvin though!
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im in the US, I have a carvin CT4 I absolutely love. I dont think you made a bad choice at all, however if your not in the US there are better priced/equal quality options probably, as others have mentioned. enjoy the carvin.

the only thing im not totally sure of is their pickups, but the pickups certainly arent bad, just different.

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Sounds great man! The clip reminds me of Animals as Leaders.

Beautiful axe... I've been gasing for a carvin or any 7 string for awhile now.
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