Hello Pit, I would just like to thank you guys for helping me stumble upon a kickass rock band.

For the back story, a while back somebody posted a thread asking about some band that won a marshall amp competition and posted on here occasionally. Everybody answered it was the Sons Of Icarus. Checked 'em out and their EP came out yestereday. I just have to say THEY ARE F**CKING AWESOME, pure evidence that England is still cranking out some great rock bands.

So thank you all for turning me on to the Sons of Icarus, oh and ckeck out their EP, It kicks ass.
You're welcome bro, keep on going, never give up.
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Wow I totally wouldn't believe Steve the Plank put you up to this!!
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December 14, 2017
You're welcome TS, I'll happily take credit for that even though I've never heard of them
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Wow I totally wouldn't believe Steve the Plank put you up to this!!

This thread is now about Steve the Plank. That guy needs to post more.


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No problem mate I'm you're biggest fan so I'm pretty damn happy right now.

That autograph you promised to send me months ago would be nice tbh.