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3 9%
Voters: 34.
Last night I ordered pizza, to keep the pizza warm i Putted in the oven(CLOSED) but forgot it overnight there. put it back in the fridge this morning

now im fudging hungry,should I eat it? or will I die? or contract somme illness factory skunk?

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You probably won't get sick but it's iffy at best.

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Yes, putting food in the oven usually leads to death.
Did you kick the delivery guy's bike over?

If you didn't, then the pizza probably doesn't have anthrax on it and you'll be fine.
throw it away. i don't know if it's safe, but if i don't get pizza, you shouldn't either.
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throw it away. i don't know if it's safe, but if i don't get pizza, you shouldn't either.

you're a stone fox
Get it down ye lad.
I've eaten older, dirtier food and lived.
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Go for it. I had a pizza one night in a hotel room with 3 of my friends, we got a couple pizzas with some left over. Left the box open, ate the rest in the morning over 10 hours later.

You're safe, dude.
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eat it! put it in the oven and make it hot as hell, then eat it!
or mail it to me, i'll eat it.
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eat it you pussy!
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If you use your oven evry day it's probably practically free from germs or bacteria, although that doesn't equate for the bacteria already on the pizza when you putted it in the oven which no doubt multiplied since.
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