So I have 2 Yamaha guitars. Both are at least 25.
One is a Yamaha FG-430 A and the other is a FG-420 12 string and I've been having problems with both. Currently, the 12 string only has 7 strings on it because putting on anymore makes it randomly creak (it sounds like it's coming more from the top of the guitar rather than the base). I got it three or four years ago off of craigslist, I've never really had any problems with it before but the guy who used to own it almost exclusively used heavy gauge strings so I'm beginning to think that this is just time and improper care catching up to the thing. Ideas?

My real concern is the 430.

I got it for 5 bucks back when I was 12. Most of the finish and the stain/paint/coloring along the sides has been dissolved with some kind of chemical, the back is heavily water and sun damaged, and the body and neck are pretty warped. Somehow it's not only managed to stay together, but still sounds fairly nice. It has some personal value, so I'm willing to spend a bit of money to fix it up. I'm wondering if anyone knows any good finishes I can use for the sides and if there's a way to further stop the guitar from warping.

The neck's just now starting to separate from the body. Anyone know how much that costs to fix/if it's worth it?

Any kind of input or suggestions would be great.
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I think finishes are the least of your problems. Cheers
I can guarantee you that it will cost you much more to fix the neck than your guitar is worth. Probably at least a couple hundred.
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