So after months of research, playing through different amps, and waiting for a great deal, I just bought a used Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier (version 2) head through guitarcenter.com. When it finally arrived, I played it and it sounded great (albeit at a lower volume). I took it with me to band practice a couple of days later, and found that when the output volume is set anything over 1, it sounds HORRIBLE!! It suddenly became this crunch, fizzy monster that doesn't sound anything like it should (and yes, I've played through rectos before and know how to dial them in). This happens on each channel and mode. I also tried it through three different cabs (AC30's, Jensen's, and a stock Ibanez cab), all with the same result.

At this point I have two different options. I can either a) return it to Guitar Center, or b) I also purchased their Pro Coverage for it, which doesn't kick in until after the return period is over. So I can wait for the return period to be over and then have them service it with a local technician...but then I wouldn't be able to return it later.

What do you guys think?

(ps. yeah, this definitely taught me a lesson on never buying used gear without playing through it first).
It sounds like you're playing it through cabs that it's not suited for.

Not to mention that the Single Rec is very different compared to its bigger brothers.
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It sounds like you're playing it through cabs that it's not suited for.

i dont like this sentance. i've had beautiful results playing high gain amps through vintage and/or "low gain" speakers. some of my all time favourite sounds have come using a mesa boogie and a fender cab or my friend's father's old vox cab. they give a unique tone that i'm always floored by. please think before you speak next time (sorry to be a dick here, but a cab isn't suited for just one thing, as Rectifiers are many things to many people. i've played funk using a dual rec with moderately good results for example)

as for the problem, return it. get your money back and give a different rectifier a try. you got a lemon. dont waste even more money on the coverage to fix it. you'll just end up losing time and have headaches with the process.
I think the tubes could definitely be a part of it, but it seems like there are some other underlying problems that would give it such an abnormal sound. I've played Singe Rec's through AC30's before and I think that they sound amazing, which is why I'm so surprised that this one just sounded so off. I'm pretty much leaning towards just returning it and going with a different amp that doesn't have any problems right away.