Hey guys,

I'm after a 1x12 cab - the 1x predominantly for space saving and transport purposes, and the 12" because I don't like 8s or 10s.

I'll be pairing it with a Blackstar HT5RH -- I was after a Blackstar HTV-112, but I was just at the store I was planning to get the amp and cab from (Drum Power, if that makes any difference to you), and apparently there won't be any in Australia til late Jan (at least for them).

So, basically I'm after a 1x12 cab of comparable price ($200 AUD) and quality - ie no Mini Mesa Rectos etc etc. Ideally it shouldn't stifle any of: a tight American modern metal crunch (HT5 + Wampler Triple Wreck), a creamy blues tone and fairly reasonable cleans, but I'm willing to compromise somewhat on those here and there. I'd be *ok* with a 2x12, but definitely no 4s.

If you can post a link to suggestions, that would be awesome. Having them from Australian stores would be even better.

edit: after some very light Googling, to add: does anyone have any experience with Ampeg GVTs?
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You're in Australia so make yourself a cabinet and stick one of these in it:

I am running one of the 12" 30W'ers in an open backed 1x12 and it sounds fantastic. They are a boutique clone of a greenback that is closer to an old greenback than a new Celestion greenback. They take a while to break in, possibly because of all the hemp fibre in the cone, but once broken in they sound awesome. They are made in Port Melbourne. Definitely worth the money.
They will send you specs for the cabinet if you ask them for it. Just email Lorantz themselves.
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