Ive loved Chevelle since point #1 and their new album "hats off to the bull" is the shit....yes they bear a slight similarity to another band in sound and the lead singer's voice(tool)...but nonetheless they ****ing rock as far as alt rock/alt metal whateverthe ****youwanna callem go...they are DEF not as had as other bands i enjoy but this effort i feel is their best since "wonder what's next" and "this type of thinking could do us in". i played the song "clones' about 50 times in the last two days...i think i may have missed them in cincert i hoe they come around again. Anyone heard hats off to the bull????thoughts??
yes. amazing, though I don't care for how they did a lot of layering on their songs. Just not the Chevelle sound to have two guitars playing in a song. Other than that, best songs are Hats Off to the Bull, Clones, Revenge, and Glimpse of the Con off of the Best Buy version. I wrote a review for it which should be up soon.
Prima Donna ROCKS. Best acoustic track since Bend the Bracket. The Meddler is another great one.
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