First of all hello! I'm new here but have heard great things so here I am.
I'm trying to hunt down the model of a Japanese made Martin acoustic for a friend before he purchases but having some issues working it out.

The seller no longer has the label inside the body of the guitar but has provided the following details:
- He has had it around 12 years
- Japanese made
- mother of pearl inlay everywhere.

Here's some pics, any Martin experts that can hazard a guess to the model or what it's worth?

Thanks in advance!

I'm not really a Martin expert, but I know a little about them and my guess is that this is a 1970s model Pro Martin made in Japan by the Kaman company. It's a Japanese ripoff of a Martin guitar that led to the American C.F. & Martin Company serving them with a cease and desist order. I've seen guitars similar to this one online in auctions for about $300-$500.