my electric guitar doesn't hold tuning (2nd and 3rd strings to be exact), so i was told i need to change the tuning pegs (don't really know how are they called in eng). do i need to change all of the pegs or just those 2 that don't hold tuning? and whats the approx. price? is 100$ for all 6 a reasonable price?
Firstly what guitar is it? Does it have a Floyd rose and locking nut?

Alot of times, its a badly cut nut that causes tuning issues, or bad stringing technique.
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ibanez sz520, i don't think it's bad stringing, because it is like this for like 1 years and it's always the same 2 strings. and the nut looks alright to me
What gauge string are you using in what tuning? cech that everything is tightened down on the tuning heads etc. This guitar doesnt have a floating trem so im guessing either the nut or machine heads/improper stringing at the headstock
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