So I have a American Standard SSS Strat and I want to make it better suited to heavier styles. Metal and punk mainly.

The problems im having is that the guitar is to bright, so what upgrades/mods can I do to make it better suited?

I know installing a humbucker in the bridge is the most obvious but which would you suggest to balance the tone of the guitar and stop it being so bright.

Also would changing pots help?

Any suggestions are welcome and thanks for any help.


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A humbucker is exactly what you are looking for, I'm not sure why you're trying to look elsewhere. The guitar is bright sounding because it has single coils.

Changing pots aren't really going to make a difference in the direction you're looking for.
If you sell the Strat and pick up a different guitar, it might work out.

Nah, honestly, just try messing with your EQ a bit more. Pedals will help, too. Strats are perfectly capable of playing metal/punk, you just have to experiment. Try using heavier strings, cut your treble and raise your bass. Scooping the mids probably won't work quite as well with a strat as it would for something with humbuckers, but you might want to try something similar. Also, if you have access, try going with a distortion pedal through a bass amp, that might do something interesting.
Quote by Calymos

You just have to experiment.

This. It's actually pretty much rule one of tone. If there were rules, that would be rule one, and rule two is "You're always wrong, even when you're right." But srsly, experiment. A lot.