Hey, guys. Finished arranging this yesterday. Warning, it's 11 minutes long

I suggest listening to this before you go to bed. Not really a "tap your foot" song, haha.

The prevelant instrument is organ, recorded with the built-in mics of my BR-600. I pressed down variations of a chord with my right hand and altered the volume and tone with my left hand. I then reverbed the shit out of it and doubled the tracks, with stereo effects.

About half a year later (lazy and bored) I recorded some guitar parts to subtley place amongst the organ sounds. As well as using my Boss Delay and Digitech Whammy, I set the delay feedback to full and played one note an octave up. This was done for 3 different high-pitched notes, which I then swelled in and out.

Anyway, here it is: http://soundcloud.com/garystuartmusic/watching-this-upload-is-the-1

Feedback would be appreciated greatly!