I want to start recording guitar onto my computer. I want it to sound half decent (i.e. not just plugged into the PC soundcard). Basically can you just say if this will work well and if there is a better method please say what it is...

My amp (Roland Cube 40) has a recording out jack so I was thinking that if I connected a cable from my amp to an M-Audio Fast Track audio interface and plugged that into my PC and used Audacity (I've limited funds so free software is best I can get now) to record... will that work fine?
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That would work, though I would suggest either plugging in directly to the interface and using whatever effects you prefer in the software, or micing the amp with a 57 or something similar. Just my personal opinion, everyone does it differently.
I should work with your M-Audio Fast Track

I'm using Line toneport UX2 to record my guitar on my computer. You can use it as a soundcard and comes with different sounds

The software i prefer is Reaper. Great and very cheap
First, download Reaper. Audacity is a horrible excuse of a DAW, fine for voice overs and laying down quick ideas, but it lacks a lot of features. Reaper has a 30 day trial period and after the 30 days, it still functions the same, should you choose to buy it, it's only $60 and well worth the price to support a great company. Reaper can do everything the big boys can (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, X1, etc.) and has a great support staff and community behind it.

Second - Sure, you can do that. Most likely it's just a preamp out though, so you'll have to run some kind of impulse to emulate your cab, but it's definitely an easy solution. Another way to go is just DI straight into the interface (plug your guitar directly into it) and use amp simulator software to get your tone. There's a ton of good, free, amp sims out there from LePou, TSE, AcmeBarGig, Nick Crowe, etc.
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