So, I just finished the latest piece of my soundtrack, and I would like to have some opinions, especially on the mix since I'm totally unsure about it. I'm not sure why exactly.

So yeah, tell me what you think.

C4C as always, just leave me a link.

Edit: This is the updated version with less reverb and more bass. http://soundcloud.com/passingseptember/where-i-stand

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I think there's too much reverb on the background instruments and not enough on the main strings, so it sounds like those strings are in a completely different 'space' to the rest of the song. I dunno if that's what you were going for but if there's any mixing problems then I think that one's the most obvious and jarring.

Also I suppose the volume of the strings is fairly high (I'd maybe knock that down by about 1.5-3dB), and those cymbals in the 2nd section are a bit too obvious to the ear (take them down by 1-1.5dB).

It doesn't have a lot of bass presence. It's very mid-rangey. Get some more bass in there - my monitors are a bit bassier than usual and on these it's sounding a little less than flat. You want a general bass boost, especially on those big sounding war drums. You could also try adding some more instrumentation in the bass register, but be careful of making it sound muddy.

Overall I quite like the track itself though it doesn't have much of a sense of going anywhere due to the repeated nature of the motif throughout. I'd suggest adding a section (maybe after the 2nd section) that's very different (different chord progression, a new melody, don't have that motif in this new section, maybe even modulate to a different key). You don't want it to sound out of place, but you want something to catch the listener's ear after all the building up. You could also have it at the end if you wanted, as a resolution.

Anyway, those were just my thoughts while listening
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Thanks man, this was EXACLTY what I was looking for, very much appreciated

This is the first time that I've mixed something like that, and since I don't have good monitors I suppose I was a bit carefull with the bass. But then again the samples I used aren't very bassy to beginn with, and I really thought a +4db boost should suffice. I've now it set it to around +6db and it sounds alot better.

I noticed the reverb myself, but I wasn't sure if it was really that audible or if it was just something I made up in my head. Guess it was not. I cut now pretty much all reverb I added (which was jsut a tiny bit to beginn with) and now I just have the reverb of the samples itself. Sounds defenitly better.

The repetition is kind of intended, I wanted the whole piece to evolve around the same melody, that's why it's pretty short, at least for a piece of an soundtrack

Thanks again, I'll reupload once I finished the changes. If you have anything you would like me to crit, just leave me a link!

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My Lyrics and Poems

"with golden hair and perfect eyes,

with hollow words and empty lies."
No worries. It was a pleasure to listen to your music I actually forgot it was for a soundtrack for some reason - in that case you have a lot more leeway with what you can get away with regarding the repetition of the motif.
not sure how to critique this haha it sounds fine to me. I get what Ultima is saying were the bass can have more presence around 2:20 you kinda lose the bass drum to the rest of the ensemble. I feel like that can be increased a bit. Overall sounds great. I love hearing stuff like this haha, is it for a movie?
Cool Stuff, cool stuff!
Left you some timed comments!
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My only criticism is that maybe at 1:03 the backround disappears a little, but a part from that it sounds very epic and professional Well done!
Love the progression/leitmotif.

Didn't hear the previous version, but this one sounds good, mix-wise. At 2:48, maybe you could put a timpani doing the rhythm ? you have a bit of loss of bass at that moment, and it sounds a bit weird to me.

But overall it sounds nice, there was enough variation that it didn't sound to repetitive.

c4c ?