I want to know the name of a chord with B on the second fret, A on the second fret and D on the third fret. If anyone would know how to name chords it would be appreciated. If you are not familiar with the shape of my example its below.

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but i´m sorry that i cannot really give a good explanation on how to name chords :/
Well, if you're not familiar with the shape, a fair assumption in this case would be that B is the root. What other notes do we have?

A and D, if you know your major scale you know that D is the b3 of B and A is the b7. To construct a Bm7 we need root, third, fifth and seventh of the chord, this is however a Bm7(no5), very commonly used 3 note voicing in jazz.
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Not even a chord.

It's Bm7, if you resolve the 7th, it's a first inversion G.
Learn theory. Starts with being able to quickly name the Notes on the Neck. We teach this.

What this is, in the three notes youve given is the three essential notes on a chord. You have the B in the 2nd string 5th fret, the b7 in the 2nd fret 3rd string and the b3rd (up an octave) at the 2nd string 3rd fret.

These are the most essential tones of most chords in general. The Root would actually likely be the next that could go (Because in an ensemble, most of the time, the Bass guitar would be playing it, making your need to play it redundant). The 3rd tells you if its a minor or major chord.

Anyways, it can be hard to learn all this on your own; if we can help out, just shoot me a PM.


The low E sounds a bit meh. Leave that out for a cleaner chord, unless you're doing a stepping bassline or something :P