So im finally up to buying an that expensive dream amp. I have out grown the el cheapos i have accumulated over the years. Im currently looking at the bogner uberschall and the mesa roadster or possibly the road king. Those are about the max i want to spend. If i could snag either used in great condition id be up for it. I play mostly metal/hard rock, i.e. avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, godsmack, metallica, hinder, and every once in a while i like to delve into the 80's hair metal and 70 rock. So a well rounded assortment of heavy rock and metal. Currently i have an epi apparition (explorer with actives and floyd rose), a gibson sg, and a schecter custom s. I mainly use a gt10 for effects but also have a turbo tube screamer, big muff, and a 535q wah. Amp wise i have a crate vintage 60 combo, a fender fm100 half stack and a roland micro cube. With the currnet gear i just can not ever acheive the tone I am after. I come close on a few things but I am never satisfied. I am looking for nothing larger than a half stack as it will be mainly for home use and everyonce in a while jamming with a full band. Which is why i like the wattage versatility of the mesas. Any suggestions past the three I named? I have read many times the uberschall just does not have a good clean channel? Is this the case? Will the roadking or the roadster give me the wall shaking gain everyone.loves the uberschall for?
Have a look at some ENGL's. Amps like the Invader, Powerball Fireball or maybe even one of the newer special editions. Also, checkout some Framus stuff (Cobra, Dragon etc) and maybe even something like an Ax Fx is worth your time. To make a proper decision though, you need to sit down with all these amps and just see what sounds best to you.
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Let's be honest; if you're at the stage where a 'dream amp' is a possibility, you should already have some idea what you want. Don't be afraid to go with your gut!
Quote by kyle62
Let's be honest; if you're at the stage where a 'dream amp' is a possibility, you should already have some idea what you want. Don't be afraid to go with your gut!

Hence the mention of the Mesa's and the Uberschall. I havn't heard many of the boutique amps in person to be quite honest. Hard to find many of them for an in person sound. Ive done a lot of research over the internet and listening .to sound clips is about as good a knife in a gun fight. So i guess what im looking for is some suggestions of other amps in this price range that could give me the sounds I am looking for. Wanted to see what others out there playing similar stuff are using. So i can make a trip out to sound test a few and make a final decision. With all the brands and different marketing hype you could spend a year playing everything and messing with each to see if it pulls what you want...
Best advice is to be patient. Don't rush into it. Take your time so that when the day comes you cut the check (or whatever your method of payment is), you feel like you've done the right thing and a ready to explore.

I spent two months dissecting a Krank Krankenstein before I pulled the trigger. Fortunately I was able to talk the guy down in those two months as well. =)

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orange rockerverb or the blackstar series one (200 if u can afford it but all of the series one's are sick). definitely some of the best sounding amps that i've heard
JCM-800, Peavey 6505+, EVH 5150 III, these should capture the range of tones you're after
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