Het UG,

I'm hoping the good people in these forums can give me some advice/options before I commit to an amp. What I'm looking for in the amp is as follows:

-Has to be all tube
-15-30W is more than enough
-2 channel is preferrable
-Class A is preferrable too
-Must be a combo
-Good cleans and warm overdrive would be a plus
-Must have a warm tone
-New/used is not a problem
-Must ABSOLUTELY NOT be a MG or Line6

I live in Montreal, Canada. Genres of music I play are mostly blues and classic rock. Think 80's!! I do mess around with other genres but that can be worked out with effects and what not.

Thanks for the help and Happy Holidays!
I highly recommend the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III. I play a huge range of music, from jazz to blues to metal. The clean sound on the amp is FANTASTIC with both of my main guitars (Fender Strat and 80's Kramer), and yes, with the right pedals, it can handle the heavier rock and metal. The onboard distortion is also great for classic rock. It is very big and very loud, I play it in larger venues with a band unmiked and it's plenty loud. If you're looking for something smaller, they have a whole family of amps almost identical to the HRD3 at Fender, check them out!
Sounds to me like you're basically after an AC30....are were you thinking a little heavier than that?

Looking at your options, I think an Egnater Tweaker would be superb for you.

I'd recommend the head over the combo though, for sure. For vox-esque combos, check out the Laney VC-30, Bugera BC-30 and Ceriatone Lightning Combo. The Ceriatone is amazing value for only $700USD, though you'd still need to buy the speakers (Eminence GB128s would be a great option without breaking the bank).

However, if you're playing heavier or more 80s-sounding rock, the Vox-inspired route is not the way to go. You're going to be looking for something a little fuller-sounding, more in the Marshall camp, ideally with EL34s.
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I'm not sure if it would work well with 80's stuff (maybe with an OD pedal in front), or if it's availible in Canadia, but Carvin Nomad/Bel-Air. It's 50 watts, but hey: the volume knob works. Extremely articulate cleans plus a smooth warm drive channel, excellent for any and all blues and classic rock. Clip (skip to 0:30).
@ Cowboys91:

The Fender Hot Rod series was my first choice tbh! I was looking more at the Blues Junior III which fell right into the options I was looking for. I know it's a single channel but you can plug a footswitch in it for the "Fat" switch which is pretty decent. The HRDIII is a bit "too much amp" for what I'm looking for.


The Vox AC30 was another option I was looking at. It has that "Marshall-esque" sound wich I adore, but unfourtunately, the UK-built Vox amps also have the "Marshall-esque" price tag! Regardless, I'm still open to it. Now those Ceriatones... OMG!! I'm liking what I see!! Had I known about those before I got my JCM800 2203.. "sigh" I've been in search of a JTM45 or a Plexi for a while now but the prices I was finding on the net were scary! A used Plexi on ebay was going for 5K and a used Bluesbreaker Clapton model was going for 15K.. Maybe if I win the lottery! (Come oooonn lucky numbers!!)


I'll be honnest with you, I never even thought of Carvin. I was aware or their more modern amps but had no idea of their vintage line. Definatly worth looking at.

Thanks for the replies everyone! If anyone has anything else to add, much appreciated!