hello UG,

after christmas i wanted to buy myself a digital device. First one i fell in love with was the axeFx but of course that one is too expensive... so i found the elevenrack and it seems to sound fantastic in videos! it seems to sound quite realistic smooth and dynamic. But little downside. i have heard that it does metal sounds less well. and since i don't only play post-rock and prog rock but also like to play music like animals as leaders and chimp spanner which need some djentier and heavy sound i need a device which can do that.
on the other side we have the line 6 pod HD pro which chimp spanner uses himself. It seems that this device has really nice metal tones but how do the other tones compare?

how do these 2 devices compare to each other and is it worth to spend a bit more money to get an elevenrack over a pod HD pro?

and it's my intention to plug them on my modded valveking 212 and use it live.
I didn't dig the Eleven rack one bit when I tried it.

For live performance the POD HD seems like a good shout, maybe one of the FloorPOD models. the Valveking's power section and speakers should work really nicely for a modeller going into the FX return.
may i now what you disliked about the elevenrack? on some videos it sounds really identical to the original amp