vermillion skyline -
sun in the
eyes -
a chronometer
in terms, a watch.
the chicken died
at the edge of the dull knife.
the fat sex swam free
with a sweaty wingspan
and a carefree curseword.
sestinas all the rage.
I ate them all and
they were an ugly purple.
a ha ha ha, a ha, a ha -
that's the broken hearts
and brevels toasted.
haikus. spat them out.
then I took your class
and wrapped it in peel.

Very interesting, not going to lie, had to look up much of that vocabulary to put it all together, I am still a bit perplexed.
Well. what.
"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

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Either the first line is what this is, or I just can't figure out what you did.

Do the lines all actually go together, but are just a gallimaufry? Or is it just a gallimaufry of randomness? lol

Quite interesting, to say the least... I always have enjoyed your stuff.

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i read that little discussion about the creative writing class and the orange, and i feel like this is one of those times when having prior knowledge of what you want to write a poem about is damaging to the poem itself. it's not that this is poorly written - quite the contrary, in fact - i just didn't detect any kind of sincerity in it, almost as if you penned it to prove a point.
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perfect evidence, impressive as a farce. all of the lolz
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