I have just recently bought a Vox AC4TV combo amplifier and I am pleased with it.
The question is, can I hook it up to a cab in order for me to use the combo as a head and get a better sound?
And what kind of cabs would you recommend?
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Yes, it has an external speaker out so you can hook it up to a cab. You're gonna have to be a little bit more specific as to what the "better sound" you're looking for is if you want cab recomendations. You may also want to include your budget.

If you're not happy with the ac4's internal speaker, have you condsidered just doing a speaker swap instead of buying a cab?
Almost every combo amp has the ability to be used as a head unit plugged into a cabinet. Just make ****ing sure that the ohms from the amp and the cab match up or else you fry your amp.
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Yes you can. The jack is 16 ohms so match it up with a cab.

I'd warn you about speakers but its only 4 watts so............beware speakers that can handle <4watts. And if you find said speaker tell me.
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