Hey guys! New song called There's No Smoke Without Fire, probably my favorite to record in awhile (mostly because of Material Crackdown, I should have a full album's worth of songs where I play everything very soon!) Before ANYONE says it, yes. I started listening to Porcupine Tree, and the similarities between my music and theirs are astounding, mostly because I only recently started listening to them!

At any rate, here it is! First song on my profile!


Have fun and C4C as always!

Wow dude!!!! That's crazy good. Its kinda got a little of a retro sound to it, but with way cooler guitar. I really have nothing to critique about it, your tone was great, the flow of the song was awesome, I think the only thing you could change about it would be the drum sound, the snare sounded a little off (thats as much as I can say, I don't do drums).
This song is great!!!!

awesome. dont know why but i get a solid Rush vide haha. THe only crit i hav is when the chorus comes in around 2 mins i think the vocs seem literally a millisecond behind the guitar. Its soo slight but me being OCD about things i noticed it haha. I mean you really dont need to change it it sounds fine. ANYWAY excellent
Nice, generally a good song, I liked most of it.

I'm not sure I liked the drums from about 3.00 to 3.10 ish, and there were times (especially during the quieter bits) where the bass sounded like you were trying too hard to play something different, then occasionally joining in with the rest of the song for a couple of notes.

Generally good stuff though.

C4C here, here, or here.
You can do any or all of them, if you do more than one feel free to post a link to anything else you've done for comments.
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I liked it, particularly the chorus. The only real criticism of the song itslelf (i'd put the vocals louder in the mix) would be that the very end of the verses seems kind of forced. It just doesn't feel like a natural melody that should be in this song to me. That's may just be me though, it's a good song!

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