So i got drunk this past weekend, which i never do, i dont like drinking but my cousins were here and it was a special occasion. Well, they never took my phone from me. I told the girl i liked, that i liked her alot. She didnt want to get into a relationship cause were going off to college soon.

I was sorta heart broken, i really felt a connection with her and thats what this songs about


my voice is a bit shot since i was sick when i did the vocals last night

love, hate, crit, i welcome it all

C4C cause its the holiday season
Quote by link55588
I was sorta heart broken, i really felt a connection with her and thats what this songs about

aw, I'm sorry man, I know exactly how you feel

critting as I listen:

I like the sound of the Acoustic. Not too prominent and not too "lost in the background". Reminds me of the sound Rocky Votolato used to have on a lot of his older records.

The Vocals sound a bit boomy and you seem to struggle a bit when you sing deeper. especially at 0.27-0.30. 0.34 sounds a bit off to me.

I like the instrumental at 0.44. And that "moving on" right after that. Wow dude, nailed it! Overall, the whole song is growing on me. I was a bit skeptic at the beginning, but it's getting better.

1.30 again, a bit boomy. Again, I like that instrumental (and the whole melody, besides).

2:16. I'm not sure, did you change the tempo? Sounds to me a little bit? I don't know, the transition seems to be a bit icky. (Is that even a word?) Still, I like that part. Reminds me of an Rocky Votolato song, but I can't quite name it.

Overall a really nice song, listenend to it 3 or 4 times, and besides the smaller things I mentioned above everythings fine. Of course it doesn't sound professional, but I doubt you were going for that. And to be honest, I like that "real" touch it has. Nice work, dude!

C4C if you like, my song's a little bit different, though

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Oh geese thank you so much, thats pretty much the longest crit anyones given me haha, and yeah i know what you mean on the lower notes, i cant always get that low so sometimes it sounds iffy. Im probably going to rerecord this later on when i have better equipment, and i shall check yours out now, thanks again
I know that feeling too. Must be a guitar player thing... That being said, I really liked the song. The playing and the singing are really good. I don't have as much to say as the other guy, but, still I really like it. Good job!
Sometimes it sounds like you're fishing for the notes, especially when you get into your lower range. Maybe capo the guitar and move it up a step or two?
Kinda wish the guitar was a little bit more prominent, or double-tracked and panned.
When the guitar solo happens it conflicts a ton with the rhythm guitars, so double-tracking is a must.
Beautiful vocals around 2.40, one note was a bit off, but thats not bad.

That sucks, man. If its any consolation, I had a guy awkwardly tell a co-worker that I was probably gonna ask her to dinner. Awkward silence for... Awhile, and I was planning on doing that too. Can't now, gotta wait till she gets back from home.

Sounds good, sounds honest and true, I like your voice, except in the lower register, it's not as controlled and sounds a little flat sometimes!
left you some timed comments!
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Recording quality could be better. Vocals are really REALLY low...maybe move it up a couple steps? It just seems a little a little out of your range, and you're a bit pitchy at times because of it. Overall i think it has potential, but the execution could be better.
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