Does anyone know what the metal riff/song thats being used by ESPN on monday night football? Its usually played whilst they're showing the defensive starters? I know they've also been playing riffs from 'public enemy no.1' from new Megadeth album so no need to tell me that, its different riff, slower tempo. Sounds like it should be slipknot or white/rob zombie but thats just a guess..? Love the riff just haven't got a clue who it is???
Indeed it is, big thank you! At least my guess was quite good eh?
Was glad to see the rest of the track was as good as the main verse riff and not just a one-riff-wonder. Consider it a compliment from a non-slipknot fan! Cheers bud!
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The song is "Psychosocial" by Slipknot

Wow, I luv that song. Maybe I should start watching Monday Night Football again. I stopped watching about three years ago.