I wanna upgrade my Ibanez and i'm looking for a good website to find stuff i need like truss rod cover and a new pickguard. My ibanez is rear route but i don't think that'll be too much of an issue. Any suggestions on what colors i should pick would be welcome too. I plan on putting new pickups in it also, the inf's are good but i want better. Black is such a boring color and my guitar is white, so i wanna stay away from those colors.

Why ruin it with a pickguard?
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Should get a mirror pick guard, that'd be cool.

+1 on Ibanezrules.com for any and every Ibby part ever.
Also you can just check eBay for stuff like pick guards.
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Awesome thanks guys, i have seen quite a few Ibanez guitars with DiMarzio pickups in them so they must be good . Any certian model i should look for? I just want a good metal sound. The trem is going to be blocked off too.
Rear route can be an issue when trying to add a pick guard. You'll have issues with the controls protruding through both the wooden top and a pick guard far enough to thread and operate correctly. A long shaft pot may be too long for this setup.
Quote by uncle_sprinter
Any certian model i should look for? I just want a good metal sound.

I shall re-iterate my suggestions from the ERG thread. Either a D-Sonic/Air Norton combo, or the newer version of it which is the Crunch Lab/Liquifire.
I'm personally a huge fan of the D'Activator bridge too.
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I have gotten this far with what i had lying around. I did scrounge up these two rail pickups too, they are both from www.guitarfetish.com and the black one is an actual neck pickup and the cream one is a 13.5k output bridge pickup never installed before.

I'm not sure if i should remove the bridge pickup ring or put the neck pickup ring back on, the neck inf's left screw hole is all reemed out so if i do put the ring back on it i'll have to do it after i swap the pickups. Suggestions are welcome on what to do with that.