Hello all,

I'm not sure if anyone remembers my ranting thread about having crazy levels of RF interference everywhere and not being able to use my new Engl Savage. Anyways, I have worked a few kinks out and was able to get rid of some sources of interference, but it's still there.

Here are a few questions:

1) Is there any special type of power conditioner that I should look at to eliminate A/C hum? I've used these in the past, but they were $8000 industrial units for welding applications.

2) I'm planning on getting an AxeFX2 as soon as my name gets called in their 10-mile waiting list. Until then I have a rackmount PodPro which is actually kinda nice.

What are some other rackmount components that are necessities? I've been studying Devin Townsend's rig, and I think the AxeFx would consolidate a few items in there (if it hasn't already)

I'm huge into effects and love changing sounds as much as possible - think Amorphis, but not nearly as proficient haha. Will I need a huge Midi board?

Any tips?

Thanks in advance!