Hey guys, I haven't posted in a little while, since everything I've written lately has been pretty shitty, so I feel like I finally wrote something worth pursuing.

I really went for an August Burns Red feel, since they are still one of my favorite bands, I did my best to stay away from generic melodies and progressions, you might find a few but, oh well.


Yes, poop.
Basically nailed ABR on the head. As far a generic metalcore goes, it's top notch. Thought the first riff could have varied after 4 bars rather than being repeated, so it'd be an 8 bar riff instead of 4. The 3/4 in the breakdown added a nice element of syncopation. The slidey riff was nice.
The staccato in that lead was really cool as well. Strings at the end could be a bit quieter, that were a tad over powering.
But anyway, as I'm sure you know, it's generic, like ABRare, but it is excellent metalcore. They're one of the few metalcore bands I still listen to because they at least stand out technically and in their song writing so kudos on emulating them quite well. Drums were very Greiner esque too.
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I quite enjoyed this. You got some great riffage going on there :P. I enjoyed the addition of the piano near the end and the strings as well.

Nice song .
Yes, this sounds very ABR. If you put their vocalist on top of this I would go as far as to say it was ABR themselves. Not sure whether the "ABRcore" tag is appropriate though as they're just metalcore
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