This is about an old relationship, probs will made into a jawbreakeresque song. It's not supposed to be amazingly slick or anything like that. Its about the emotion, not the way its expressed. It's rawness. This is first thing I've written in years as I've just joined a band.

Tell me what you think! and I'll happily do the same.

I never thought I’d watch false love turn to pure hate.
It’s nice to know that you had someone special, when I had less than a handful of mates.
And it’s a great feeling to know in hindsight I was never in with a shot.
That I moved to ****ing nowhere to make things easier for you and that wasn’t enough?
Didn’t even get that, you know if I wasn’t high that night I would have kicked you out of my place?
And if I had any self-respect I would have dumped you after a fortnight of not seeing you.
This would have been a fortnight into being with you
That’s my one regret, other than to begin with knowing you.

And I was lucky to be with you ‘cause you don’t do relationships?
Fast-forward a month and you ate your words, after a dick
But that didn’t hurt, what hurt was the acknowledgement he got straight away
As silly as it sounds just for us to be in a relationship on facebook is all I wanted
A “thank you for trying” when we broke up would have equalled best friend’s forever and not forever hating on each other
And it’s so nice to know he meant more to you after less than a month than I did after 8.
And it will be interesting to see where we are when we’re thirty
I’ll be living life, happy. Hopefully have a family.
I might even think of you when I listen to 24 hour revenge therapy.
Joking probably not because I don’t think “do you still hate me” will ever apply to you but if I'm on ecstasy maybe.

Truth be told you’re just a bitch
Blue collar parents suburbia with nothing to do other than drink tells half the tale
Of a girl who thinks she’s more than she is, that’s a little rich.
And Pump and Dump’ is the product line she comes from.
A favourite for guys to want to cum on

That’s harsh, trust me I know
I know I’m biased towards you, in a negative way.
I’m sure you’re a nice person deep down, full of depth and worth, class, social sway
There have been times where I’ve thought “maybe one day we’ll talk again. People make mistakes”
I’m not going to lie, part of me will always want to reconcile with you. I mean that, I really really do.
Cause’ I know how to make things better. I know you more than you think.
But then I remember how you treated me, how you made me feel, our relationship was a total pisstake.
What that means is that it will never happen and that’s not a win for me or for you.

By the way, I have to say you hate me because I want you to. I’m vindictive and don't tell me you don't deserve it.
In the end it was a choice between you being indifferent to me, with me hating you or us hating each other
The opposite of love isn’t hate, its indifference. That made my decision.
Now it’s become the definition of a modern day pyrrhic victory.
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hmmm, maybe just a journal is in order.
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easily the most depressing thing i've seen today.

and i saw a kid drop his ice cream.
While this is certainly a good release, I can't say I like them as lyrics. Too much simple rhyming of cliche's such as "rich/bitch", not enough flow (though I don't know how it's intended) and too misogynistic. Also, not enough lyricism to it. It just feels like a bunch of words spilling out with no pattern, organization or building theme. It comes across as unnecessarily wordy for most of it. Remember that simplicity can be good, too.