My co-worker says that straight lemon juice, right from the bottle will clean and make your fretboard more "porous" as he said. Anyone know if this is true?

He is a very guitar knowlegable guy but I had never heard of lemon juice, always lemoil.
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Lemon juice dries your skin out so I imagine it does the same on wood, just use either regular modern furniture polish or buy the proper lemon oil. They use lemon because it's good for cleaning but they put other stuff in with it to moisturise the fret board.
Not lemon juice. Lemon oil. Lemon juice would be terrible. Your fretboard would end up all sticky from the sugar.
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You would be ill advised to use raw lemon juice. It is made up of things that you don't want in or on your fretboard, water, citric acid, and the residual natural sugar found in fresh fruit.

Lots of people use lemon oil but that can have some drawbacks too. It contains many ingredients, but mostly D- Limonene, which is a pretty strong solvent that can over time dissolve glue, which can loosen fret markers and binding on necks. It can also soften varnishes and finishes on the back of necks from finger transference.

You want to avoid chemicals and compounds that can clog pores or build up over time, things like silicone and waxes, also avoid aerosol furniture polishes, they contain quite a bit of water.

The best way to clean a rosewood fretboard is wilh a dry sponge that has a plastic scrubbing side, or you can carefully use 000 steel wool.

Two or three times a year apply a thin coat of either raw linseed oil or a quality furniture oil, leave it sit for ten minutes and then remove the excess with a soft rag.
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the acid in the lemon juice would also be very bad for your fretboard.

btw, why would you want a porous fretboard?
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