I'm looking at the tascam US800, any other recommendations? I Just want to record my own music in my basement, as a one man band sorta. Under $200 preferrably. Thanks!
Until now I liked my Lexicon Lambda for recording. Checkout my clips in my sig.

Recently changed to the Saffire Pro24 for a little more features.
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The Tascam US-800 is pretty alright. I bought it for $100 of Musiciansfriend and it works perfectly fine as an recording/midi interface. The only problem that I've had problems with is getting the drivers on the tascam to cooperate with my computer. I've since figured out that it was having the midi device on but now I've figured it out. This only happens on my Windows XP but it works nicely in Windows 7.

If you want to see the quality of recording the tascam can do, here's a sample of it: http://soundcloud.com/mr-potato-1/a-thousand-years-christina
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