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I'm sure there's a million different answers, that is why i ask . Why, and when (how old were you) when you started to play. Also, tons of people who start playing end up quitting. Why did you stick with it and not be a ladys about it. I was 13 or so when i started playing and i just was facinated with guitar ever sense. I'm 20 now and i still get that joy i got when i started.

I <3 guitar
my mom because she had this crappy accoustic but I badly wanted to play it so I started to learn some chords and then she payed me some classes.It was 4 years ago so when I was 13 like you uncle_sprinter. Now Im 17 and I still love it as much and compose my own stuff. Wills always love it. If it would have a pussy I would marry my guitars!
Heard a live version of Live forever on TV haha. Was getting bored of piano and guitar had always interested me. This was 6 years ago. And Oasis is still my biggest influence
Oasis nut
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Warren Haynes! Saw Gov't Mule and the next day bought 1st electric guitar! Two weeks later, traded in that heap for a Gibson SG!!!

it was 1981.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I was 20. I was playing guitar hero a bit and decided it was a waste of time. I was quickly off to buy a real guitar and learnt a few songs I liked. I stuck with it to keep my otherwise idle brain busy and because it felt great nailing progressively harder songs. Six years deep now and I'll play until I die or my fingers are crippled.
ACDC's Angus young.

the first 'music' i ever LOVED, and that inspired me to learn guitar :-)
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Guitar Hero.

I know stupid reason but made me open my eyes to guitar so yeah :P
Chicks, weed, Jimmy Page...

The usual.
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I was 26 (now 28) and one of my friends was really good at playing. He used to make fun of us while we were playing guitar hero, and he could play along on a fair number of the songs on a real guitar.

Sometime that year, a guy that worked for me brought a guitar to work, an epiphone SG400 with 2 broken strings and a "chicks rule" sticker on the back. He said it was his step sisters and she owed him money so he was gonna pawn it. I was like man they're gonna look at you like you're a crackhead...just sell it to me, here's 50 bucks. So i ended up with my first guitar.

I didn't really get serious about playing until maybe a year ago. I had toyed around with it, but didn't really learn any chords or techniques, just looked up random tabs that sounded easy. There was a long while when the only song i could actually play was foo fighters - everlong.

Now i've been giving it a serious effort for around a year, and taking lessons for around a month. Somehow before i even had much of a talent with guitars I developed the illness i now know as GAS. I currently have 8 guitars and 3 amps, and could spend all day in a music store gawking at new guitars if the wife would let me.
My mom bought a dirt cheap nylon guitar sometime in the 70's when she was studying to become a preschool teacher and had to learn to play either the guitar or piano, she didn't play it much outside of her work but kept the guitar all these years. I was taught to play the piano at a young age and that's all I ever played, I now own the piano that my grandma and then my mom used to play, so it's kind of an heirloom.

Then, a little more than a year ago, my dad died very suddenly, and I found myself spending a lot of time in their house out in the cold, dark, country with nothing to do to keep my thoughts at bay. So I found the old nylon guitar in a loft, drove into town, got new strings and started playing. Since then I've been playing pretty much every day, on a new electric and a taylor accoustic I bought. My dad loved Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, so hopefully I can learn some of his songs to kinda keep the memories of my dad alive.

So yeah, I guess that's what inspired me. And also, chicks.
I have always been interested in learning to play the guitar. For as long as I can remember I have been playing one instrument or another. I have tried to pick up the guitar a couple of times when I was younger but have never really stuck with it. It wasn't until 3 months ago that I decided I was going to pick up the guitar but actually stick with it. I borrowed my brothers guitar and I got a new Epiphone Les Paul Custom for my b'day. I am absolutely loving guitar. I can't see myself ever giving it up!
I was sitting in my cousins front room, late at night. Him and some friends were smoking some pot and we were listening to Led Zeppelin. He put ''The Songs Remains The Same'' DVD on and we watched them play ''Since I've Been Loving You''. I didn't move for 7 minutes. I was totally transfixed by this man with long black hair, cigarette in the corner of his mouth, throwing his fingers around like it was nothing. It was sloppy, but I loved it. When it was over, I asked my cousin who that was. When I left he gave me some Zeppelin CD's to listen to and his other copy of ''TSRTS''. I watched the entire concert about 10 times over a week and burned myself out on the albums. With Christmas coming up, it was a no brainer what I was going to buy. Haven't put the guitar down since.
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James Hetfield

This. And he's still my biggest influence.
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Am I the only person who has never been "inspired" by anyone? I play because I like making good music and I like the way people look at me when I make good music.

I'm pretty shallow...
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i was bored one day when i was about 6 years old, and thought the classical guitar that had been lying around in the corner of the room for a couple of years might be a fun thing to play with.
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Started playing around 12/13 strummin out crappy chords, played off and on for a few years had a few bands but I'm now 20 and finally SERIOUSLY getting.into the art of playing The reason i picked up a guitar in the first place was Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan. Aaron North, Adrian Belew, and Nine Inch Nails helped reinforce my doubts.
And of course chicks love guitarists
My grandmother left a Kay acoustic with two strings in our attic xD I started playing dick dale and james bond and I was like....

I was also into AC/DC at the time and picked up most of my style from Angus

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I was 7, watching my Dad and Grandfather play guitar in my living room... the next time Granddad came by, Dad and I played guitar, and Grandpa picked up his Fiddle... I've played ever since.. .
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When i was a small kid in my computer room at my house there was my father's old guitar hanging on the wall, he had it since he was a teenager. and i said that one day i'll play it but in the its broken and thrown away

Later when i was 11 i saw an ad for the Guns n roses greatest hits album and i heard the songs and i loved it! so i asked my dad for the songs and he also got the music videos for it. and i watched it and sometimes i air guitar to slash's solos and riffs, he inspire me to play guitar.

But mostly Guitar hero and Rock band makes me wanna pick up a real guitar.

I first started playing guitar when i was 15 after being frustrated because of the pain on my finger tips and getting bored learning chords (especially the F barre) i stopped playing and put my newly bought guitar aside never to be played again.

2 Years later i was angry with myself on why i'm not playing guitar so i was determined to play it overcoming the hard obstacles. and in the end 1 1/2 years later i never regretted that decision...
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I wanted to play nothing else matters So I started, and i think of going professional.
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Am I the only person who has never been "inspired" by anyone? I play because I like making good music and I like the way people look at me when I make good music.

I'm pretty shallow...

I like having my own sound and playing style. I watched good guitar players play, and have tried to cover them. But i never wanted to be a copy of them, that's just silly.
Weed was a pretty hefty influence on my playing!
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Got bored last year during the Summer Holidays. I've been wanting to learn an instrument for a while, so when I spent an entire day watching an anime called K-on! (Yes, it's a moe blob but the music awesome) I thought that maybe I should have a crack at bass because I thought guitar would be too hard. Went to my mate's house and fumbled around on his bass and managed to mess my fingers up. I then thought bass was boring so I looked towards getting a guitar instead. I did, and I've played for at least 2 hours a day since :P
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Chicks, weed, Jimmy Page...

The usual.

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
ever since i was young i wanted to play guitar, i suppose busted was the reason i wanted to, 5 years later when i'm 11, i get a strat copy
I wanted to play since I was eight and heard Santana. My mom had a friend who looked like him and I asked if he played guitar. He said yeah and that he had an old one that he'd give me. Then he died. Skip ahead 4-5 years, in 7th grade we had a guitar class in school and sometimes the kids in the class would pl andy. One of my friends who was in the class left it out on the desk and I plucked a couple of strings and then a lighting bolt went off and I was hooked. My next birthday I got one and enrolled in the class at school. I din't learn much past the basics but I took the initiative to learn on my own and have been doing so since. I kept taking the class in high school and started jamming with others and started playing bass, drums and a little keyboard. Got an oldschool Roland VS-880 and learned to write songs. The stroy continues...
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I wanted to play sonce i was 7 or 8 but we could never afford it then when i Was 14 the scheduling at ny highschool screwed up and put me in guitar class instead if band, so I stuck with it. Best decision i ever made. also Slash's solo on sweet child o mine
James Hetfield, Joe Satch, Steve Vai and Slash.

Pretty cliche, but its true. My uncle had been playing blues for 40 years and he was a catalyst. My dad bought a crappy little Squier Strat before i learned to play. I messed with it and then after seeing my first live band, i got my own guitar.

The rest is history. I've played my dad's guitars more than he has done himself.
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Mostly Tom Morello's crazy noises and playing.

Still a big fan of him, but he's no longer one of my main influences.
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Guitar Hero. At first I just liked the gameplay, but then I started liking the music as well, so when my Xbox one day broke I though, hell, why not just start playing for real. so I did.
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I wanted to impress a girl. Fortunately, it turned into something I really enjoyed. Mark Tremonti and James Hetfield are my two biggest influences as far as playing style.
Listening to my dad playing 70s and 80s rock really loud, after hearing the Free Bird solo, i knew I just had to start playing the guitar, also Slash was a huge influence on me back then, now my main influence is definitely Mark Tremonti, he is god.
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I was about 10 I think when I started getting really into metal, mostly old In Flames and Arch Enemy. Saw some great guitar players on YouTube and thought, damn that is so cool it would be so awesome if I could ever do something like that.
Borrowed a guitar from my uncle, started learning the basics ( had lessons for half a year and then quit - my teacher was more of a funk/soul player and I found out I could teach myself to play as well ), spent about 2 years playing an hour a day or so, considering myself a good player.
Then, about a year ago, I realised I was actually pretty crap - didn't know what exactly I was doing, technique was poor, you name it. Started practising properly, with a metronome, and last August I bought a new guitar - a Carvin CT6m. It's just so damn comfortable to play, it sounds good and it looks great, it really inspires me to play every time I see it.

Even thinking of studying music now.
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