I prefer to use my fourth finger instead of using my pinky while soloing, but I want to use my pinky in solos too. I can manage to "play" with the pinky but when it comes to fast solos it is much easier for me to use my other fingers.

What can I do to improve my soloing/playing with my pinky?

I know I just can "use it more" but do you have any specific exercises or specific suggestions for what to do?

Thanks UGs!
Chromatic exercises, 4 notes per string. Should help you get used to it.
That and maybe big arpeggio patterns that need to use the pinky for the all important fluidity, other than that it's pretty much down to you and the amount of focus you put in to using your pinky.
Phil Demmel had a good exercise.... shown below:

MOAR EDITS(The lesson I got from total guitar):


Also three notes per string.(Paul Gilbert got loads of lessons on youtube)

Edit: as the guy said, arpeggios that require a lot of pinky movement are good for strength and independence. This is something I am currently working on for Hendrix/Vai material.

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Why waste time on other fingers by doing those excercises.
If you only want/need to target the pinky

Trill with the pinky.
1-4 and then plant fingers 1-2-3 on the string, hammer with the pinky.

As long as you can.
Repeat for as long as you can, daily.
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