Hello, I've sold my Marshall MG412a cab and now have a Orange dual terror 30w head with no cab. I'm thinking the dual terror doesn't neccessarily need a 4x12 and that maybe i could get away with a 2x12 and still get big sounds for metal/punk etc?

I've seen the Bogner Alchemist 2x12 extension cab which is reasonably priced ( the marshall/orange/mesa 2x12s seem a little pricey) and i'm wondering if this will be enough? And it has one classic speaker and one greenback? sorry i'm not particularly knowledgeable on amps but doesn't the greenback sound fuzzy or something?

So do you think the bogner would be suitable, or have any suggestions of other cabs?

All feedback appreciated, thanks
The Alchemist cab is open-back, which I'm not sure is the best fit for metal/punk.

A closed-back cab has a tighter, more focused sound with fuller bass. Since the Terror is not a very tight-sounding amp, i think a closed back would be a good match.

Check out Avatar cabs - the Contemporary 2x12 is about $400 with a big choice of speakers. I'd go with a Celestion/Hellatone V30 and an Eminence Governor for that big meaty sound.
thanks a lot for your reply i'll try and find a closed back cab. do they sell avatar in the UK? if not can we get those speakers in different cabs?
Thanks again
If you're in the UK - get the Harley Benton G212 Vintage. It's £160, closed back and comes with Celestion Vintage 30's.
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