pros,i need ur help!!im new to guitar,so i wanna ask how can i use pentatonic scale in songs??and when do we use it??
'pentatonic scale'
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How ? you play those 5 notes.
When? whenever the hell you want to.

Sounds to me like you need a little bit of music theory first, or you could just play it over any backing track and discover what sounds good.
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not sure if serious
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not sure if serious

My thoughts exactly.
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Not sure if trolling but I'll go ahead and fill you in (no pun intended)

Based on your question, I'll assume you're either a troll or a relative beginner. Being the latter, you should probably know what key the scale and song is in. If not, just play power chords.

Use notes from the scale and play over the song and make it sound good. Depends what song though, if its a backing track do what you want to your hearts content. If its a "normal song" with singing and a relatively generic:


depending on your skill level just do what you want. If you're new to this use the scale as a fill.

You're question makes no sense...............kinda like saying:
"URGENT!!!PROS!!How to use ketchup when eating!!"
It depends on the kind of food and if you like ketchup. Also it depends where you place the ketchup. You have to carefully analyze your food to the last grain of salt to ensure the ketchup is placed the the perfect position for maximum effectiveness and deliciousness.

That made no sense whatsoever so just use the notes in the scale where it sounds good. And don't limit yourself to 1 position of the scale or 1 scale.
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thx for ur advice!!first,i felt so sorry of the ques i had asked,im not trolling anyone..sorry for that.I'm new to guitar,not actually is..or u can say i dun noe what the hell is pentatonic scale...if the chord of the song is G major,then how shud we play pentatonic scale with it??
i apologize in advanced if this question "amuse" u again!!