i just tried to mimic some screaming vocals i used to hear ! but i don't know if i'm screaming or no ? i don't know if i'm inhaling of exhaling ?? i don't know what type of screaming i'm using ? so plz answers

( i'm using gp6 backing tracks and a pc microphone to record ) lyrics are ****ed up don't judge em xD
I don't see any video or audio clips. What are we supposed to judge you from?
To me it sounds a bit Lamb of Goddy, BUT it does not sound like there is any volume involved. Put your hand in front of your mouth, and you will feel either the exhalation or nothing

EDIT: Not an expert in harsh vocals or even vocals in general..
@emil_sej i'm exahling lamb of goddy maybe cuz it's one of greatest screaming style for me ! BUT i don't understand what do u mean by saying " it does not sound like there is any volume involved " ??
It sounds like you got the basic fry sound but you haven't been able to fully put your voice into the scream. You're doing really well at this point though. It's like you're screaming but you're not doing it very loud or consistently at some points.

Head over to the Screaming & Growling thread, there's info there about how to really get your screams going
For the style that you are trying (Trivium) you should start with singing through the scream while adding harshness to it. Eventually you will work your way into do it easily, but one thing you should not do it just jump into doing really harsh vocals like that especially without conditioning you'r throat to it or you will do some pretty heavy damage. Just make sure to have your head voice in it too or it will sounds god awful.
The first second made me think I was listening to black metal. XD
My tips:
add some of your voice to it
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add the power from the gut
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You need to bring the fry sound youre currently doing, and bring it up into your falsetto.

Head over to the screaming/growling thread, we can help you out there.

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