So, I want to change pickups of my Ibanez rg270. It uses PSND pickups, which are Ibanez's cheapest stock pickups. I read a lot about it, I see people saying that there's no guarantee it will sound good. But i think, as i am replacing very bad pickups, would it definitely sound better then stock ones? Or may it screw the guitar? I want to be sure about this. I am not very wealthy so if that guitar becomes impossible to use, or wheter sound so bad that it scratch ears, I wont be able to buy a new one that easily. So can you tell me would it screw my guitar changing PSND ones with seymour duncan or dimarzio ones? I am thinking Tone Zone-True Velvet-Air Norton from Dimarzio, or Seymour Duncan Tb-6 Distortion- SSL-1 - Sh1n '59 model. I am open for suggestions.
But the main question is, is this guitar worth doing this, and would it sound worst then the stock pickups. Thanks in advance.
I'm not familiar with Ibanez's (I don't know if this applies for your guitar), but whether pickups change the tone or not depends on the quality of the guitar. If your guitar is expensive and has good wood, new pickups will give it a different tone. If a guitar just simply has poor wood then new pickups will do nothing.

Make sure you know what you're after when you get new pickups, have a general idea of what you want to improve. Oh and no, it won't screw up your guitar.
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A marshall avt20 and Digitech RP255 is my current setup. And also, I'll try to change my damaged lic floyd rose with a floyd rose special it would fit my guitar?
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I would buy a better guitar first to be honest. The pickups combined cost as much as the guitar does, not to mention a new floyd and possibly installation fees if you can't do it.
Well, it costs more then the guitar, but uh, intallation of pickups + floyd + new string, would not cost more then 30-40 dollars, which is not much.
I would love to see you get a new floating bridge installed for that.
Seriously. A setup and restring cost 100$ in my town, so I learnt fast.
Still no, the guitar itself is not worth upgrades unless you really like how it plays and sounds naturally. If thats the case then go for it, but I'd sell the guitar and use the $$ to upgrade to at least a 370.
Guitar itself would cost not more then 100$ atm if i tried to sell, so there's no motion in selling it, but also i dont have enough money to buy a guitar with seymour duncan pickups and floyd rose tremolo, so what i gotta do?