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52 70%
Bridge + Middle
7 9%
4 5%
Middle + Neck
7 9%
22 30%
Voters: 74.
I use middle + neck the most. It gives me the most balanced tone, with good transients but without the "piercingness" of bridge(+middle). If I need to further change the tone, then I tweak the amp/cab/mic (I usually use amp sims, btw). Sometimes I choose bridge(+ middle) when I'm specifically looking for a more Telecastery tone, for country, etc. How about you?
I usually use bridge just because the guitar I have easiest access to is an HSS strat and I don't like single coils.

If I was using my own guitar I would probably switch it between neck and bridge quite often (I don't really like middle at all). Generally I would use bridge though because I find the neck pickup is only useful for solos, and most of the songs I play need the bridge's crunch.
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Bridge humbucker mostly. I like to use a fair amount of gain, and anything else sounds muddy. I tend to restrict the neck humbucker to cleans and light gain.
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Bridge P90 most of the time. The neck (also P90) sounds better clean, but is muddy as the banks of the Wishkah with fuzz.
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where's "bridge + neck". this poll kind of assumes everyone only uses a strat
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Neck P90 for rhythm, bridge for leads.
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Bridge for rhythm, neck for lead. The neck is too fat for rhythm, but it's beautiful with some chorus. And it's an Ibanez own brand something or other.
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Quote by Blompcube
where's "bridge + neck". this poll kind of assumes everyone only uses a strat

its pretty obviously meant for people with strats? -_-
bridge for rhythms and some leads, neck for legato leads
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bridge in general. You need an option for neck and bridge. We don't all use Strats, my Les Paul doesn't have a middle pickup
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Bridge humbucker for Br00talz, Bridge + Neck Humbucker for cleans.
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I use my bridge a lot, for all my distorted rhythms and my heavier leads, and I use my neck pickup for clean tones and lower-gain leads, as well as for the sustainer, which is amazing. I use both of them when I want the sustainer with a heavier gain.
I play a Schecter Solo-6 Radiation, and mostly metal, so mostly just bridge. But sometimes the neck pickup just has the right tone. My bridge pickup is very bassy and warm, whereas the neck is very bright. I usually only use the neck for tapping, sweeping, and such. It's very responsive/sensitive.
Quote by Ashe_Mc
its pretty obviously meant for people with strats? -_-

Not really, I think TS just forgot.
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Bridge for rhythm. I enjoy that harsh metal tone.
Neck humbucker for lead and acoustic. I really dig that mellow, rounded tone.


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Bridge for the most part, usually a bkp aftermath. Dont use the neck as much, I actually prefer the AM bridge w/ tone rolled back over the AM neck for leads.

Because it gets me a nice woody, surfy sound.

But I love playing with neck pickup combinations as well.
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Quote by Blompcube
where's "bridge + neck". this poll kind of assumes everyone only uses a strat


I usually use the bridge pup the most (as I play with high gain) as it gives me the most clarity on riffs. Some lead parts and most clean parts I tend to play with the neck pup though. Really rarely mix them...
mostly bridge for rhythm work, neck for soloing and jazz

I pretty much never use 2 pickups together, don't really like the sound. however, on my gretsch its got a great acoustic-like sound when you use both
Neck for blues, everything else is bridge.
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I generally use my bridge pickup for distorted stuff, and either mid+neck in a Strat's case or bridge+neck in a H-H guitar for cleans. I use the neck pickup alone for some distorted tones, generally with the tone rolled all the way down. I pretty much never use the bridge+mid pickup on my Strat, and I'll use the middle alone messing around sometimes but generally it's the aforementioned stuff.
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In all seriousness, I use both neck and bridge pretty much equally. Different sounds for different things.
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