I bought Shure SM 57 and Shure Beta 58 mics. I use 57 for sound and B58 to get headroom. I made some records on friend's preamp. I don't know what that preamp was but this pair of mics worked awesome.

Now I want to buy my own recording preamp,but there is a problem. I'm using 2 mics in the same time and I'm using video camera without camera's mic. Camera is Canon HG10.

I tried some recording preamps. The best two I tried were Roland UA 25 and Studio Projects VTB 1. Both of them were awesome,but I think in none of them I can use 2 mics in same time. So.. I would appreciate your help.


Edit: I can spend about 250$ max. Tnx.
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Focusrite make great entry level gear, check out the Saffire 24.
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Focusrite make great entry level gear, check out the Saffire 24.

The Roland/Edirol/Cakewalk can most definitely control two mics at a time! The VTB1 cannot however.
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The Studio Projects preamp you speak of is just a preamp. If you don't have an interface (such as the Roland unit you mentioned), you have no way of using the preamp for your mics, unless you plug it directly into your sound card, which is not advisable.

The Saffire Pro 24 that was mentioned is a great unit. However, it runs off of FireWire, so if your computer does not have a FW port, you will need to buy a card to install in your computer that supports it. The Saffire 6 is essentially the same interface (though it doesn't have S/PDIF ports or ADAT, so you can't expand it to have more inputs), but it runs off of USB and can be found for $150-170 brand new on eBay from an authorized dealer.

Both are great interfaces, just depends on what you need. If you plan on needing more than 2 inputs in the future, the Pro 24 is the better route (or its big brother, the Pro 40), since you can expand it to 10 more inputs via ADAT and it can be found for only a little more than the Saffire 6, $200 with full warranty on eBay. The Saffire 6 is a great interface if you just plan on using 1-2 mic inputs and don't want to bother with FireWire.
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Hey, I don't aim to hijack the thread but, I'm currently using an M-Audio Firewire Solo in conjunction with a Presonus TubePre mic preamp. I'm willing to buy a second SM57 in order to use the Fredman technique in the near future, and I was wondering if buying a Sapphire Pro 24 and ditching the Presonus + M-Audio would give me a noticable increase in sound quality ? Well, it's also enough if I don't LOSE tonal quality, since I have no chance to do dual miking with the current gear I have. I'm curious about the quality of the preamp in Saffire Pro 24.

Thanks in advance.
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