Hey I've got one of those cheap Yamahas that you can get in a combo pack from costco etc.
For the stuff I'm starting to play now I need to use a steel string(if i could I would use my higher end classical).

So how can I get the best sound out of it? I would like deeper bass, so are there any particular strings anyone can recommend for that?
Elixir. Not only they last longer (because they're coated), but they also have a clean, transparent sound, with deep bass and crystal-clear trebble. And, of course, as I'm sure you already know, deeper bass comes from thicker strings, a 0,11 or even 0,12 set. But you need to check whether the neck will stand higher pressure or not, cheap guitars use to have annoying truss-rod problems. Normally, a cheap Yamaha would have been built as a tank, but nowadays nobody knows for sure anymore...
TONS of little things can be done to alter/ enhance your guitars sound, from strings to cables, pedals, caps, pups, even picks!

Elixir's are VERY tasty, I agree with phoenix. Although for the price I stick with the light gauge Di'Addarios (orange pack - 10g) Also you should take a look at www.guitarfetish.com and their GFS pickups. I have a frankenstrat that I am currently installing a set of their "Lil Killers" pups with a 3-toggle switch system cause I really cannot find a bad review or demo of any GFS pickups. AND EVERYTHING on their site is SUPER inexpensive and gets good reviews. They've got guitars, pups, pedals, bodys, necks... EVERYTHING

Do your research, read watch learn understand as much as possible, make sure to to consider the gear you use and to watch videos of p-up/ guitar/ string/ pedal demos with a similar amp. Keep in mind the sound and style you want. And last but not least steer away from signature models of anything, they are generally relabeled overpriced versions of a standard model.

www.GuitarFetish.com is an EXCELLENT place for beginners to start delving into customization and crafting their own sound, good gear cheap. Just take your time, and don't over think things, and RESEARCH! Don't just buy Power Rails, or EMGs just because James Hetfield plays em (not saying thats your thought process just an example :-) ) buy stuff because its comfortable and sounds good and gets you where you want to be.
If it was a combo pack, does that mean you're talking about an electric? (Even though this is the acoustic forum)

If you're talking about an electric and still using the amp you got in the combo pack, there's your problem right there. Those amps are always crap and should be avoided at all costs. Get a better amp and your guitar will sound better.

If I've misunderstood and you were talking about a cheap acoustic pack, feel free to ignore this comment.
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Sorry, what I meant by combo, was one of those starter packs where they give you stuff like, capo, strap, etc. I know about how shitty those starter amps are haha.

But yeah, it's an acoustic, I think the actual model is SCF08.

Thanks for the suggestions I'll checkout the Elixers, and thicker gauges. I do like Elixers on my electrics, but I was worried that the coating would be a bit more detrimental to the acoustic guitar tone.
new yamahas come with yamaha strings, and imo they don't sound good. the elixers i've tried didn't have a problem with acoustic tone, but seemed brighter than other strings. why not try d'addario 12's or 13's and see what you think? 13's may be challenging for you if you mostly play electrics, btw. hell, they're challenging for me and i play acoustic
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i tend to agree with patti. d'addario 12's should be just the ticket. i have 2 identical ovations(except color) d'addario exp's on one and elixer's on the other. much deeper tone on d'addarios. i like 'em both but for different reasons. not quite sure that little guitar will handle the extra tension of the 12's though. maybe the elixer med/lights for a hair less stress?
You know Niel Young swears by cheap old guitars. He likes used ones because they have a song already in them. I agree with the d'addarios, you can't go wrong there. I'm a big finger picker and I love them. Good luck!
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